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Lawn Mowing by La Crosse Lawn and Snow is accomplished with a rider and trimmers like this Snapper walk behind mower

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For Snow removal La Crosse Lawn and Snow uses a snow blowing like the one pictured here

La Crosse Lawn and Snow has a Skid Steer for Removing Snow Piles from Parking Lots to open up Parking Space covered by Plowed Snow

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large areas of lawn mowing by La Crosse Lawn and Snow are done with a John Deere 500x mower with a power bagger

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Home Advisor.com Seal of ApprovalLawn mowing, Snow Removal and related services for La Crosse. La Crescent and Onalaska.  Now offering Fall
Lawn Aerating Services

Pacer Walk behing mower used for Lawn Mowing in La Crosse and Onalaska by La Crosse Lawn and SnowLaCrosse Lawn and Snow  BBB Business ReviewExperienced Adult Lawn Care Services Small Enough to be Personal, big enough to be Reliable

La Crosse Lawn and Snow is a registered and insured business in the state of Wisconsin, doing business in the Coulee region since the spring of 2008.  We have grown from 6 accounts to over 100 satisfied customers.  We currently have 3 summer units and 3 winter units servicing customers. 

We provide La Crosse lawn mowing, and Onalaska lawn mowing and La Crescent lawn mowing  (mow, bag and trim).  Service area Map

Residential La Crosse Snow removal services
and Residential Onalaska Snow removal services.

Picture of Snow removal similar to that done by La Crosse Lawn and Snow

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Between snow and grass season we have equipment for thatching, power raking, yard edging, lawn vacuuming and spring and fall cleanup of yards.  

References are available upon request. 

We do it Right!  Serving

Lawn Mowing in La Crosse
Lawn Mowing in Onalaska
Lawn Mowing in La Crescent



  • La Crosse Lawn Mowing service
  • Onalaska Lawn Mowing service
  • La Crescent Mowing Service
  • Holmen Lawn Mowing Service
  • All lawn mowing clippings are bagged unless mulching is requested.
  • Lawn mowing includes mow, bag, trim and blowing off of all clippings from hard surfaces
  • All lawn mowing debris removed from the property

***We apologize for any inconvenience but La Crosse Lawn and Snow can only accept
thatching and power raking services from a limited number of customers
without a Lawn Mowing contract.  Please call or email us for availablity.***


La Crosse Power Raking ~ Onalaska Power Raking
La Crescent Power Raking

Power Raking is an aggressive process for removal of embedded dry grass clippings, generally done in the spring just as the grass is beginning to show green and before any lawn chemicals have been applied. 

Picture of tractor mounted thatcher used by La Crosse Lawn and SnowLa Crosse Thatching ~ Onalaska Thatching
La Crescent Thatching


Thatching is recommended for all lawns (except for freshly seeded or sodded) in the spring and is an automatically provided service for existing clients. 


La Crosse Lawn Aerating ~ Onalaska Aerating
La Crescent Aerating

Aeration is good for all lawns.  It reduces compaction caused by lawn mowing and foot traffic.  Plug aeration opens up the ground that lawn treatment chemicals can fall into and reach slightly deeper in the soil, increasing their effectiveness.

Lawn Edging by La Crosse Lawn and Snow is accomplished using a Ariens 9 inch power edger

La Crosse Yard Edging ~ Onalaska Yard Edging
La Crescent Yard Edging

Edging of walks and driveways is a service provided upon request for customers with a Lawn Mowing Agreement Only.  For a really groomed look it is the final touch that will set your yard apart from the neighbors.

 La Crosse Leaf Removal ~ Onalaska Leaf Removal
La Crescent Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is provided utilizing several methods.  Smaller properties are simply vacuumed using our self propelled lawn vacuum.  On medium sized yards and where leaves are very thick, leaves are blown or raked into wind-rows and them vacuumed up to compress the leaves.  On larger properties the leaves are first mowed into wind-rows and then repeatedly mulched prior to removing the left over fragments.  In all cases the yard is mowed and as much as possible all leaves are removed from the property.

Snow Removal by La Crosse Lawn and Snow is done in most cases with a Snow Blower like this Simplicity Single Stage blower

Snow blowing and Snow removal La Crosse and Onalaska

  • Area serviced: 
    Snow Removal for La Crosse and Snow removal for Onalaska
  • Residential Snow removal
  • Snow removal from driveways
  • Snow removal from walkways

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Picture of Power Sidewalk Edging by La Crosse Lawn and Snow

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