Residential Snow Removal

Snow removal services for La Crosse and

Snow removal services for Onalaska

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Light Commercial Snow Removal

La Crosse Lawn and snow has snow removal equipment for lots that can be handled by a snow plow mounted on a pickup truck.

At the present time La Crosse Lawn and Snow does not have front end loaders, truck mounted salters and other heavy equipment associated with snow removal for large commercial parking lots.

Rates and Billing

Fees for snow removal are quoted prior to the first snow fall.  The quote provided is for snowfalls of less than 6 inches.  Rates increase as the storm accumulation increases. 

Rates go up by 30% when snow fall is 6-8 inches. 

Rate for 8-10 inches are 50% higher than the 6 or less quote.

For really heavy snowfalls you will probably see us twice during the storm and fees will double if the accumulation is more that 10 inches.

If we come more than once during the storm each pass is considered a quoted fee.

If you request salt the fee is 30 cents per lb plus time spent.

Bills go out on the first of the month for services provided the previous month.

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